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BYOx eLearning program

At Mackay State High School, our eLearning vision ensures technology is a tool used to enhance teaching and learning. Technology in education facilitates the creation and sharing of knowledge, it is more than just a method of retrieving information. IT devices are a powerful means of differentiating and personalizing a student’s education. Mackay State High School is committed to moving students and staff forward in a contemporary learning environment. 

Our eLearning program responds to the ever-changing, global-working environment and gives our students the tools and know-how to allow them to succeed. Today’s students are born into a world that has digital technology as a standard, not a luxury. As a school, we aim to deliver learning anywhere and anytime, and the BYOx eLearning Program is the perfect solution, together with innovative teaching strategies. We need to challenge students to engage and learn in ways that they will use in the workforce and as productive and responsible digital citizens.

Program details

BYOx (Bring Your Own ‘x') means exactly that: students bring their own digital device to school for the purpose of learning. The ‘x’ in BYOx represents more than a privately-owned device, it also includes software, applications, connectivity and appropriate behaviours. At Mackay State High School, students are able to bring an IT device that best supports their learning needs provided it meets Mackay State High School’s Specifications. 

Parents need to give careful consideration when purchasing a device for their student. A suitable device should last your student a minimum of three (3) years (e.g. Years 7, 8 and 9 or Years 10, 11 and 12). When choosing a device remember to consider what your student is likely to study in the remainder of their Junior Secondary or Senior School years? Consider if your student will undertake any “technical subjects”.

We highly recommend that all devices have warranty which covers the expected life of the device, for example three years. Warranties cover hardware problems caused by faults in manufacturing.

Insurances are also highly recommended. Some retailers may offer insurances or the device can be covered under your Home Contents insurance. In most instances, you will need to specify the device on the policy. Please check with your insurer.

Accidental damage coverage

Accidental damage is unfortunately, a common occurrence in schools. When purchasing your device please learn about your options to purchase Accidental Damage protection. This covers your device for accidental damage on and off the school campus. All BYOx devices must be housed in a protective case at school to minimise this risk. 

Lost or theft

This protection may also be included in your Home Contents insurance or be available for purchase from your computer retailer or insurance company.

Purchasing portals

To assist parents with purchasing a device, we have partnered with Dell to provide a range of Education friendly devices and accessories which meet Mackay State High School specifications and requirements. Devices available through this portal are specifically designed for use in schools and are not available through the normal retail outlets.

The portal details are:


Access Key: mackayshs

PIN: parent 

Devices on this portal have 3 years warranty standard and the option to purchase Accidental Damage cover and Loss and Theft cover, as well as, a range of backpacks, cases and other accessories. Mackay State High School's ICT Services Centre can assist with Warranty claims and repairs for products purchased through the Dell Portal.  

Alternatively, many local retailers can provide devices which meet the Mackay State High School’s BYOx eLearning Program Specifications (PDF 560KB).

The school provides a BYOx Device Check List document and service which can be used when purchasing a device. If you are uncertain about a device/s, then fill in the Check List and return it to Mackay State High School's ICT Services Centre for technical approval.


FREE Microsoft Software for Students’ Personal Computers

All state school students from Prep–Year 12 can now download multiple free copies of the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite to their personal home and mobile computer equipment.

Students who want the free software will need an active school email account and password — those who don‘t should contact ICT Services at school, who will help students activate their email account.

Information on downloading and installing a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 is included in the documents:

How to Install Office 2016 on Windows (PDF 345KB) 

How to Install Office 2016 on Mac (PDF 893KB)

Virus/Malware Protection

Antivirus software is mandatory for connection to the school network.

Windows 10 comes with "Windows Defender" virus and threat protection built in, and meets the requirements for connecting to the school network

Connection Process

In order to connect your student BYOx laptop to the school internet, please follow the below easy to follow videos that will outline the connection process.

Intune installation video for Windows devices

Intune installation video for Mac devices

Intune installation video for iOS devices

If you have any further queries, please email:


BYOx Device Checklist (PDF 181KB) Available to check a pre-existing device or when purchasing a device. Parents/students can complete checklist and hand in/email to ICT Services who will notify if a device is suitable.

2021 BYOx eLearning Program Guide for Parents and Students (PDF 824KB) Contains useful information to consider when purchasing a student device.

ICT Responsible Use Policy (PDF 253KB) Mandatory policy document explaining rules for using technology at Mackay State High School. Signed by parents and students on enrolment. Mandatory policy document explaining rules for using technology at Mackay State High School. Signed by parents and students on enrolment.

OneNote Class Notebook is an online teaching and learning tool that allows students and their teachers to share, complete and review resources and activities. You can think of OneNote Class Notebook as a personalised digital folder that contains student work, reading activities, pictures, assessments, homework, and learning resources.

Teachers are able to create and instantly distribute content to student as well as see them complete tasks in real time. This has significant benefits for students as their teachers can see what they are doing when they are doing it, and provide feedback to help them improve.

How to Upload to OneDrive and Share Documents


Last reviewed 21 January 2021
Last updated 21 January 2021