​​The Mackay State High School P&C Association encourages close cooperation between the school, parents and the wider community. P&C members work with the Principal and school staff on behalf of students’ families to foster an interest amongst the parents in educational matters as well as fundraising to provide financial resources for the school.


The school community meet 6pm on the fourth Monday of each month (February to November) in the Administration building.  Each month we meet to share ideas and provide updates on projects occurring across the school community. Parents are most welcome to attend meetings and contribute to the growth and development of the school. From time to time the Association forms sub-committees to organise and implement various activities, eg. Uniform Committee.

We only have approximately 10 meetings a year which go for around 90 minutes, so for a total of 15 hours for the year the benefits are as follows:

  • A way to show your children that you place a high importance on their schooling and are willing to be involved in their schooling in addition to the support you give them at home.
  • A way to meet and develop a working relationship with the administrative team of the school. Normally the Principal gives a report at each meeting and is very open to questions from parents on policy and procedures. This is a great insight into the school operation as well as a point of contact if you do have any issues.
  • It is a way to give time to the community and also show your children that it is important to be involved in the community.
  • It gives you an idea of the direction that the school is taking – what they are working towards and see as important which allows you to make an informed decision for your child's education.
  • It is a place to voice ideas and concerns directly with the school and gain a better understanding of decisions made.
  • It is an avenue to all work towards a better school for your child.
  • A place to meet other parents and potentially make some new friends.

We are lucky to have a very profitable Tuckshop and Uniform Shop and so fundraising jobs to date have been non-existent which is great for all time deprived parents.


Tuckshop provides a variety of healthy food choices in accordance with the SMART Choices guidelines. Tuckshop operates every day before school and at lunch breaks. Breakfast Club initiative sponsored by the P&C and Mackay Community runs Monday – Thursday from the Hall.   Parents/caregivers are always encouraged to volunteer in the Tuckshop to help prepare food and serve. If you can assist in any way, please contact the Managing Convenor, at the Tuckshop (Ph: 4957 9127).

Food can now be ordered online through Flexischools (flexischool example)Online Ordering

​Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop aims to supply all uniform needs at reasonable prices. We have an online eStore available 24/7. Items ordered online are available for pick up from the uniform shop the next open day. Open hours are currently Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am – 11am. Eftpos is available.

Access the eStore website:

Financial Assistance for Representation

Financial Assistance for Representation in Sporting, Cultural or Academic Achievement please download application form Financial Assistance Request form for Representation (PDF, 280 KB)

2023 Executive Committee

President:                                Nichole Hood

Vice President:                        Majella Hoffman

Treasurer:                                Mel Hall

Secretary:                                Vacant

Last reviewed 24 April 2023
Last updated 24 April 2023