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Rules and policies

A school is judged by the action of its students.  Good conduct at school and on the way to and from school is expected at all times. Co-operation, courtesy and respect for others is essential.

The full school uniform is to be worn at school and on the way to and from school. There is only one way to wear the school uniform - the correct way.  Jewellery at school should be restricted to the school badge, a wristwatch, two sets of plain sleepers or studs for pierced ears (for both boys and girls) and a plain silver or gold chain with an unobtrusive charm on it.

Make-up and fingernail polish are not acceptable.

It is the student's responsibility to bring all their books, laptop and equipment to school each day, and to arrive at all lessons on time.

Students are forbidden to bring smoking materials to school or to use them on the way to or from school.  Chewing gum and bubble gum are forbidden within the school grounds. Liquid paper and oil-based marking pens must not be brought to school.

All students are to assist in keeping the grounds free of all litter. All litter is to be placed in the garbage bins provided. No student is to spit or throw water within the school grounds.

For reasons of safety and for the protection of school and personal property the following areas are out of bounds:

  • behind the hall
  • in the hall without a teacher
  • the bikeway
  • behind I Block
  • near fence line of oval
  • in front of P block
  • between P & K blocks
  • behind L, J, T5/6 block & agricultural areas
  • between H block and Evans Street
  • between administration block and the front fence
  • classrooms when not attended by a teacher
  • administration block walkways, library stairs
  • stairwells and upstairs verandahs

NOTE: The following areas on the oval are out of bounds at lunch time:

  • the trees beyond the English Street entrance
  • all fence lines
  • the areas surrounding the tennis courts
  • the areas of land beyond the running track
  • the grass mound on the oval

No food is allowed on the oval.

The following activities are potentially dangerous and are hence forbidden:

  • sitting on port racks
  • throwing objects like sticks or rocks
  • tackle football
  • running on concrete

All ball games are to be played on the oval, courts or designated areas only.  Students are not to bounce or throw footballs around or between buildings.

No students are to park their vehicles in the school grounds or in designated staff carparks.

Students are not to bring aerosol sprays into the school grounds.

Finally, and very importantly,


  • Assessment Policy

    ​This policy outlines information regarding Assessment - draft dates, due dates, late and non submissions and Special provisions.

  • e-Devices Policy

    e-Devices Policy

    e-Devices Policy

  • Responsible Behaviour Plan

    Responsible Behaviour Plan, school behaviour management

  • School Uniform

    Uniform policy

  • Sun Safe Policy

    Mackay State High School recognises the danger that inadequate sun protection causes to health and has established a policy to ensure that students whilst at school practice sun safe behaviours.